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COVID Update

Our client’s safety has always been our priority. In this challenging time, we are mindful of the effects of this pandemic on our community and our society that WAPTS nobly service in. Our goal is to flatten the curve of the outbreak and minimize exposure in the clinic by following CDC updated guidelines:

  • Practicing social distancing

  • Avoiding large social gathering

  • Washing hands

  • Wearing double masks

Our profession plays a crucial role in the health of our community and the society that we serve.  We use our professional judgment and perform the necessary screening to determine the optimal care environment for anyone involved. 


Our protocols: 

All clients are screened prior to entry and temperatures are checked. Clients and WPTS providers are required to wear correct masks appropriately.  All equipment and treatment tables are wiped/disinfected after every use. Front desk wipes and disinfects frequently touched surfaces including but not limited to the doorknobs, front office counters, credit card reader, and waiting room chairs.

WA Physical Therapy Specialist consistently educates every team member of recent updates, findings, and resolutions to help flatten the curve.  Remember, your health and safety are our priority.

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