Our Mission

Personalized patient care where the patient's return to full functionality is our priority. We utilize innovative physical therapy treatments to treat a wide variety of conditions. Because each patient and their condition is unique, each patient's treatment will be custom-tailored specifically for them. Since they will be seeing one physical therapist, they can expect consistent care during their recovery.

Our Vision

To be the known for patient-centered treatment, provide the highest value of physical therapy services, and play a key role in the patient's return to function.


Braiden Hollingshead

I went from having no movement in my hand and a broken finger to a strong and great recovery and I enjoy going very great up lifting time thank you Joan & Mila your great

Race Davis

Just got back from my first appointment regarding my shoulder - I came with (what I'd consider) a more complex rotator cuff issue. Joan was awesome, energetic and thorough and is the first professional that dialed in on all of my concerns and issues while making sense. If I had stuck with the latest doctors instructions I would surely have a serious life long issue. After one visit I feel MUCH better and EXTREMELY confident in moving forward to getting better.

Alicia Titherley

I am so grateful to Joan and Mila!! I came to them frustrated, disheartend, and confused about my pelvic floor troubles, and am leaving to enter the maintenance phase relieved, confident, and pain-free! Joan has been with me every step of the way, clearly explaining everything and answering all my questions. It took time, but I noticed consistent improvement and felt supported and comfortable throughout the entire process. I learned that pelvic floor disfunction is much more common than I realized, so if this is something you're struggling with or just wondering about, go see Joan and Mila

Jack K

So happy to get treatment here! My therapist is extremely attentive and I feel in such good hands. She is always making sure I'm comfortable and my needs are met. If I have any questions or problems she addresses them promptly and does her best to make things better. I've had other physical therapists before and this is the best place I've been!
My two hour transit time is well worth it