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 Auto Injury 

Have you been in an auto collision?



Impaired mobility and pain after an auto accident can lead to disadvantages such as chronic pain, immobility, multiple surgeries, and injections.

WA Physical Therapy Specialist can help you prevent the above risks.   You can call us with or without your referral for a consultation. Our first step is to gather facts about the injury. Then, we will perform specific and sensitive variables to the pain you are experiencing,  measure and observe your mobility, and identify what could be causing your symptoms. Finally, we will develop a plan of care specific to your conditions and establish functional goals to attain your optimum quality of life. 

Post injury: Acute Stage

Auto accidents do not immediately present symptoms. They usually manifest 24 hours or more after the incident.  At WA Physical Therapy Specialist, we base our intervention on the complexity of your condition and current functional status as gathered during your first visit. We incorporate clinical findings and evidence-based practice to ensure optimum recovery. 

Conditioning & Strengthening:


As you pass the acute stage, you start to regain mobility, but your endurance and strength are not fully recovered.  At WA Physical Therapy Specialist, we create a program to regain endurance and strength without inflicting injury.   We are experts in progressing patients accordingly.  Healing comes in stages, and we identify which stage of healing you're at to perform tissue-specific exercises and corrective exercises to optimum endurance. 

car crashing into another car
man with lower back pain

Is it worth it to get X-ray or MRI immediately?

After the accident, inflammation could impact the results of any diagnostics test. At WA Physical Therapy Specialist, we will initially focus on reducing inflammation and pain. Eventually, we will conduct an orthopedic test to rule out any fractures and instability. If red flags and other conditions beyond our expertise are present, we will refer you to the appropriate providers for alternative treatment. In addition, we will communicate findings to the other experts and follow up as well. This is to ensure that you are taken care of. 

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