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Pelvic floor dysfunction


Are you suffering from pelvic floor issues?



Pelvic floor pain, bowel/bladder incontinence, constipation, and other symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction are natural conditions. If these are not addressed well, it could lead to chronic pain, immobility, multiple surgeries, and injections.

WA Physical Therapy Specialist can help you prevent the above risks.   You can call us with or without your referral for a consultation. Our first step is to gather facts about the injury. Then, we will perform specific and sensitive variables to the pain you are experiencing,  measure and observe your mobility, and identify what could be causing your symptoms. Finally, we will develop a plan of care specific to your conditions and establish functional goals to attain your optimum quality of life


We perform manual therapy for myalgia and high-tone pelvic floor. Bladder/bowel training for incontinence (urge, stress, overflow, neurogenic). Functional and corrective exercises for movement impairment syndrome related to pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain. Behavioral therapy/modification for bladder/bowel dysfunctions. 

Pregnancy Pre & postpartum 

Pregnancy has many complex complications, such as pelvic pain, coccygodynia,   incontinence, hip pain, and other dysfunctions. You need a trained pelvic floor practitioner to prevent or reduce the risks. Also, we will examine and manage your symptoms during pregnancy. We will also teach positions beneficial during labor. Positions can assist with opening the pelvic inlet or outlet or relieving discomfort or pressure.

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Post surgeries


Immobility, pain, limited strength, soft tissue or joint restriction and, infections are the most common complications of  pelvic floor surgeries. At WA Physical Therapy Specialist, we will assist you in your recovery, prevent or reduce the risk of complications, manage symptoms and pain.  

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Bowel/Bladder Incontinence

You may be experiencing incontinence aggravated by activities like coughing or  sneezing. You might also experiece fecal incontinence and constipation. Beside diet and lack of exercises, your pelvic floor could also be causing this. These could be cause by your brain integration, high muscle tone or behavioral. At WA physical Therapy Specialist, we are trained to evaluate and treat these conditions. 


Sense of Urgency/Frequency

Anther symptom that affects your daily activities is the frequency and constant feeling of urge to empty your bladder or bowel.  This could be a true urge or a false urge. We will identify and treat this symptom that is impacting you.

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What are pelvic floor dysfunctions?

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Vulvar Pain Syndromes

  • Rectal Pain Syndromes

  • Pre and Post Partum Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions (back pain, buttock pain, pelvic muscle weakness, carpal tunnel syndrome)

  • Urinary Incontinence – Stress, Urge, or Mixed

  • Overactive Bladder

  • Post Partum Incontinence

  • Pediatric Incontinence – Nocturnal Enuresis, Dysfunctional Voiding, Vesicoureteral Reflux

  • Fecal Incontinence – Adult and Pediatric¨     

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