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Work Injury

Have you been injured at work?



Impaired mobility and pain after a work injury can lead to disadvantages such as chronic pain, multiple surgeries, and injections.

WA Physical Therapy Specialist can help you prevent the above risks. You can call us with or without your referral for a consultation. Our first step is to gather facts about the injury. Then, we will perform specific and sensitive variables to the pain you are experiencing,  measure and observe your mobility, and identify what could be causing your symptoms. Finally, we will develop a plan of care specific to your conditions and establish functional goals to attain your optimum quality of life. 

Post injury:  Acute Stage

WA Physical Therapy Specialist will provide interventions based on your complaints and clinical objective findings. We also combine interventions supported by science.  These are integrated as we design your plan of care to ensure optimum recovery. 

Work Conditioning/Hardening


WA Physical Therapy Specialist will design a program based on your current level of function. Then, we progress your protocol with physical conditioning and work simulation.  The program will also be based on job functions to promote safety upon return to work. 

Man climbing ladder
Man sawing wood

What are work-related injuries?

Any muscular, nerve, and joint pain obtained while you are working.

Traumatic Injuries:

  • Fall

  • Lifting

  • Carrying

  • Pushing

  • Pulling

  • Auto-accident to work

Non-traumatic Injuries:

  • Repeated reaching

  • Sustained reaching

  • Sustained position (sitting, standing)

  • Repeated bending

  • Repeated kneeling

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