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Dizziness / Vestibular


Do you have any dizziness or vertigo?



Dizziness could be caused by multiple factors. Could be central or peripheral. It can develop or be caused by trauma or aging. We are trained to provide evidence-based intervention for vestibular disorders and symptoms characterized by dizziness, vertigo, trouble with balance, posture, or vision.


WA Physical Therapy Specialist can help you prevent the above risks.   You can call us with or without your referral for a consultation. Our first step is to gather facts about your symptoms. Then, we will perform specific and sensitive variables to the pain you are experiencing,  measure and observe your mobility, and identify what could be causing your symptoms. Finally, we will develop a plan of care specific to your conditions and establish functional goals to attain your optimum quality of life. 

Positional Dizziness

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is an inner ear disorder. A person with BPPV experiences a sudden spinning sensation whenever they move their head


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Balance dysfunction

woman balancing while holding weight above head
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